Cargo Solutions

Cargo Solutions

Cargo Solutions, Transloads, Load Shifts, & Disposal in Duncanville Texas

Our towing services include cargo load shifts, load swaps & transfers in North Texas. We are equipped to handle any scenario, regardless of the weight, from fixing a load shift on a trailer to a Cargo Load Swap. J&S is also one of the few companies in North Texas that is equipped to work with paper rolls of all sizes and weights. We are also equipped to load freight on slip sheets and we also have squeezable clamps.

Cargo Solutions | J&Amp;S Towing &Amp; Recovery

Load Swaps & Restacks

Load swapping or cross-docking is exactly what it sounds like—the process of swapping loads or trailers. This often occurs after a vehicle has been wrecked or is otherwise out of service and a new trailer needs to come in and take care of the load to get it to its final destination. There are also some circumstances in which the equipment itself is fine, but the load it was carrying has been damaged and needs to be unloaded or restacked.

In either circumstance, this typically happens at a warehouse. We have a facility that can store cargo if need be, and our team helps with swapping loads after wrecks to make sure truckers are able to get back on the road and complete their deliveries in a timely manner. If any of the load was damaged at any point, J&S has the manpower and equipment needed to handle the situation. Regardless of how the freight was loaded, palletized or floor loaded, J&S can restack and shrink wrap it so it can be delivered. Potentially saving the load from being disposed of.

Load Recovery & Disposal

Load recovery is the process of recovering a truck’s load that has been spilled after a wreck. When large trucks get into accidents, there’s always the risk of the loads they were carrying falling out and getting damaged on the highway. This is especially true for vehicles that do not have closed cabins, such as flatbeds hauling large stocks of building materials and other such items.

Load recovery can require the use of some very large, heavy-duty equipment, including cranes and forklifts, and it can take some time to get the area completely cleared and the load fully recovered. But it is an absolutely necessary process after any trucking accident that results in the load being spilled, damaged, or strewn about. Then there is the issue of load disposal. Any damaged freight or product will need to be disposed of properly. We have all the necessary equipment to take care of any load disposal you need.

Customer Reviews

Cargo Solutions | J&Amp;S Towing &Amp; Recovery
Jay's Youtube
April 11, 2024

Loved the service, very professional and even offered us some water on a hot Texas day as we waited for our car to get out. If my car gets towed again I would love it if it was here again

March 31, 2024

friendly and helpful

William Mackie
February 9, 2024

Excellent service. My daughter needed a tire switched out. Called around 1:00 am they got right to her and switched it out. Highly recommend.

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Cargo Solutions | J&Amp;S Towing &Amp; Recovery

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