Salvage & Cleanup

Salvage & Cleanup

Insurance Salvage, Cleanup, & Transport Solutions in Duncanville Texas

If your vehicle or equipment is damaged or totaled in an accident and needs to be towed to either a shop or a salvage yard, we can help. Our fleet is fully equipped to safely handle any vehicle relocation need. We excel at providing solutions for the hardest jobs. Fire damage, flood damage, rollovers and catastrophic damages – we can pick it up and move it wherever you need it to go. We can also provide cleanup for accident scenes. We have excavators, skid steers, sweepers, dump trailers, and roll off dumpsters to handle any cleanup.

With the use of highly trained professionals, innovative equipment, and modern technology; our mission is to provide insurance companies and salvage auctions a reliable choice for efficient pick-up and delivery of all types of vehicles, equipment, and gear.

Salvage | J&Amp;S Towing &Amp; Recovery

Customer Reviews

Salvage | J&Amp;S Towing &Amp; Recovery
Jay's Youtube
April 11, 2024

Loved the service, very professional and even offered us some water on a hot Texas day as we waited for our car to get out. If my car gets towed again I would love it if it was here again

March 31, 2024

friendly and helpful

William Mackie
February 9, 2024

Excellent service. My daughter needed a tire switched out. Called around 1:00 am they got right to her and switched it out. Highly recommend.

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Salvage | J&Amp;S Towing &Amp; Recovery

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