Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing in Duncanville Texas

At J&S Towing & Recovery, we proudly specialize in the towing, transporting and recovery of heavy-duty vehicles. We have extensive experience in emergency recoveries, and an outstanding on-scene safety record that is trusted by local authorities and city governments throughout Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Heavy Duty Towing | J&Amp;S Towing &Amp; Recovery

Our Heavy Duty Towing Capabilities Include:

Transporting and operating heavy machinery on the crowded highways of Dallas-Ft. Worth can sometimes result in the need for a professional heavy-duty towing service. Whether it’s moving a crane, heavy equipment to and from a job site, or handling an overturned tractor-trailer, J&S Towing is here to help.

We offer local as well as long distance towing services nationwide and our fleet is equipped to handle all types of towing and recovery problems. Our experienced towing operators can even skillfully handle vehicles in any sort of position or problem. J&S Towing prides itself on its professional work ethic, friendly staff and a long-standing commitment to customer service. All of our trucks are equipped with the latest gear and tools to give our operators as many options as possible. We also have live GPS tracking on all of our equipment so we can provide up to date ETA’s and tracking for our customers. When you need towing anywhere in Texas, J&S Towing is the company you can count on.

Customer Reviews

Heavy Duty Towing | J&Amp;S Towing &Amp; Recovery
Erica M
June 1, 2024

Usually, it’s never a good experience getting your vehicle impounded but shout out to Donna for taking the time to explain the process in how to get it out. I called about 4 times, she was patient, polite and very professional. There was no issues with anything missing, my keys were not locked in my vehicle by accident, and I was in and out in 15 minutes.

Mike Zoubi
April 15, 2024

Great service

Jay's Youtube
April 11, 2024

Loved the service, very professional and even offered us some water on a hot Texas day as we waited for our car to get out. If my car gets towed again I would love it if it was here again

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Heavy Duty Towing | J&Amp;S Towing &Amp; Recovery

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